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Prof. Himanshu Khurana

(1) Overview

Prof. Himanshu Khurana is an enthusiast and passionate of learning and implementing latest Technologies including angularJs, nodeJs, Java, Machine Learning etc.

(2) Area of Interest

Applied Machine Learning and Data Science, Computer Architecture and Organization, Operating Systems, Problem Solving in Data Structures and Algorithms

(3) Education

M.tech,IIT Dhanbad

(4) Professional Experience

Worked as a “Software Developer” for 3 years at Mani_IT Solutions from 2013-2016 and Simultaneously being involved in Teaching as a Sr. Programming and GATE faculty at “RADIANCE EDUCATION”.

(5) Research

  • [1] Worked on VISUALIZATION of High-Dimensional Data USING t-SNE(t-Distributed Stochastic Neighborhood Embedding Algorithm
  • [2] Worked on Prediction of Rating given Product Reviews on Amazon.
  • [3] Ongoing Work on Personalized Cancer Diagnosis using Genetic Data

Prof. Himanshu Khurana
Assistant Professor
Computer Department