System Programming

Department of Computer Engineering

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Smt. S. R. Patel Engineering College- Dabhi (Unjha)

System Programming

Laboratory Incharge:
Prof. Megha B. Patel  

Experiments to be Performed:

System Progamming is the activity of computer programming system software. We Perform the Practical using the LEX AND YACC Parser.

To understand the basic concepts of computer network and firm foundation for understanding how data communication occurring using computer network. It is based around the OSI Reference Model which deals with the major issues and related protocol studies in the various layers (Physical, Data Link, Network, Transport, Session, Presentation and Application) of the model. This course provides the student with fundamental knowledge of the various aspects of computer networking and enables students to appreciate recent developments in the area. The course will be driven from the engineering perspective.

  • • Introduction to LEX.
  • • Lex program that contains no patterns and no actions.
  • • LEX program to show the message when enter key is pressed.
  • • LEX program to print the name of user with message when enter key is pressed.
  • • LEX program to check whether the string is in small case letter, uppercase letter or contains mixed letter.
  • • LEX program to print the name of the user with message when the enter key is pressed using the function.
  • • LEX program to check whether the given word is vowel or not.
  • • LEX program to recognizes the keyword if, begin and identifier which is defined as any string starts with letter and followed by letter or digit.
  • • LEX program to check whether the parenthesis in the statement is missing or not.
  • • Lex program which replaces all the occurrances of “rama” with “RAMA” and “sita” with “SITA”. It demonstrates the use of string as a direct pattern in the specification file.
  • • Lex program to count all occurrences of “rama” and “sita” in a given file.
  • • Introduction to Yacc.